Iphone and Android Camera lens kit wide angle - 5 in 1 clip-on smartphone zoom lenses, compatible with all Apple, Samsung and other cell phone cameras. Compact to carry and easy to use

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  • 🎯 FUNCTIONAL! You do love taking pictures all the time, however you can't afford the space and the weight of your usual professional camera when traveling? Now, with our super compact 5 lenses pack, that can be hooked on your bag or on your pants' loop, you are ready to capture unforgettable moments, very fast, during family parties and events, during your kids sport classes and anniversaries , concerts and outdoors activities.
  • 📱 MOBILITY GUARANTEED! You enjoy traveling often? When traveling on long trips or weekend vacations, you will love the compaq case made to protect your high quality lenses, for years, as it easily fits into purses and small backpacks.
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Our Brand Story:

As a family owned business, our mission is to provide premium technology products for our today's modern peers. We are committed to using premium quality materials in our products, exceptional customer support, and useful technology education. We designed our 5 in 1 HD Clip - On Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit to help individuals who love taking pictures with their cellphones and who dream of becoming the greatest photographers ever, and make their experience amazing!

With our 5 in 1 HD Clip - On Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit , you can feel total peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most beautiful and professional pictures ever. We supply our Lenses Kit to thousands of customers worldwide because they know they can rely on the accuracy, durability, and comfort of our lenses . It is trusted, not only by cell phone camera users , but also by professional photographers.

Our 5 in 1 HD professional lenses kit includes : The fisheye, The CPL polarizer, The Macro ,The Wide Angle Lenses and Two (2) Telephoto Lenses . It gives you multiple shooting options that will make it as comfortable as possible when trying to enhance your mobile shootings. This portable universal cell phone camera lenses kit delivers superior quality pictures from any distances of the person, monuments or landscape.

Lens effects:

Wide angle lens: Expands the field of view. Perfect for taking landscapes or fitting more people in group photos.

Fisheye lens: Creates an extremely wide-angle image with noticeable distortion at the edges of the frame. Great for making your photos stand out.

CPL lens: Removes unwanted reflections from non metallic surfaces such as glass or water.

Macro lens: Captures small details as an ultra-close range.

Telescope lens: Zooms in 2 times closer to the action.

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